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Epsilon Learning Systems

Epsilon Learning provides lectures, seminars, consultation, and research services focused on the relation between learning and brain function.

A generation of research on the biology of learning has yet to be fully incorporated into the systems we use to teach, to train, and to learn. How do the welter of confusing and conflicting theories of learning relate to how we really learn? How can we use an understanding of brain function to help learners integrate new knowledge into their existing cognitive systems? How do the different aspects of the biology of learning relate to our personal experience of learning?

How we approach learning, and what we consider learning to be, affect the efficiency with which we communicate knowledge. The goals of teachers, learners, and organizations can be achieved most effectively by working with the requirements of brain structure and how people naturally learn.

Epsilon Learning offers cutting-edge academic research and consultation on brain-based learning on topics ranging from neuroscience and linguistics to child development, cultural and evolutionary anthropology, education, e-learning, knowledge systems, and related areas of research and application.



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